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Here are some other thought provoking articles on the subject of leadership, relationships, diversity, mentoring, networking, and/or personal development that I believe will be beneficial to you or someone you know .




The Diversity Pipeline – Diversity executives of today are doing a mediocre job of meeting their obligation to invest in and prepare the next generation of diversity leaders who are qualified, insightful, and more than able to do the diversity work of the future.

Hill Lags Hiring Hispanics – Hispanics make up nearly one-sixth of the U.S. population, but a new study shows that they’re almost nonexistent in high-level staff positions on Capitol Hill.

Do Millennial Women Truly Have It All? – It seems as if young working women not only feel as if they can have it all, but a shockingly high percentage reports that they do have it all.



Management vs. LeadershipDo you consider yourself a manager, a leader, both or neither?

How Companies Develop Great Leaders – Creating a culture of leadership even during crises, chaos, and an economic downturn.

Infectious Leadership – Leaders’ behaviors tend to be transmitted to their direct reports, who pass them on to the next level, and so on down through their organizations. Over time, they permeate the organization from top to bottom, influencing activity at all levels.

The Pursuit of Happiness – Imagine an environment whereby leaders and others work collaboratively, have a shared sense of purpose, and truly feel that what they do is worthwhile and important. Leaders have the responsibility within organizational communities to create just such an environment of collaboration and purpose.

Top 150 Management and Leadership Blogs – Here is a very good list where someone took the time to list the 150 top management and leadership blog that he found online.  Even though the list does not reference my site (yet) it is still a very good and useful list for referencing.



How to Make Your Network Work for You – Many people turn to networking when they’re looking for a job, but the best time to build your network is before you need something; and the best time to keep that network strong is always.

6 Networking Mistakes And How to Avoid Them – Plenty of qualified and experienced managers are now having to develop strategies to find their next job or opportunity. But where to start? If you were this person’s coaching client, she would simply say: network, network, network.

Forwarding Is the New Networking – OK, it’s not really the new networking, since it’s been going on for more than a decade now. Smart networkers saw early on that forwarded email content was a way to nurture network relationships.



3 Practical Steps to Making a Happier Brain – Why is it so difficult for many of us to really let in the positive experiences of life? Why is it that for many of us the mind seems to absorb the negative experiences like a sponge making them easier to recall? One reason may be that the mind is wired to look for danger to keep us safe.

How do Happiness and Positivity Do What They Do? – Research has shown that happiness is linked to longer life, better health, more satisfying relationships, and greater success. Happiness defined in its broadest sense can include satisfaction with life, frequent positive emotions, fewer negative emotions, and a sense of meaning or purpose.

Just say, “No,” to Takers – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of heartache.

Using Positive Psychology in Your Relationships – 3 wrong ways—and 1 right way—to respond to good news from your spouse.


Guest Posts by Me on Other Sites


How Much Has Social Media Changed Society? – This is a topic I was recently asked the other day by a colleague of mine who is involved in business consulting for large corporations. The question made me think about how much has changed in society (whether we realize it or not) as a result of social media.



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