You Know What They Say About …Assuming

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AssumeA You Know What They Say About ...AssumingI’ve been tak­ing a lit­tle bit of time off from the writ­ing to gather some of my thoughts. We all need that time to our­selves every now and again in order to recharge a bit. Recently, a friend of mine shared a poem she found online where the sub­ject was assump­tions and assum­ing things about peo­ple. I’m not sure who wrote it but I wanted to share this poem with you because I thought it was very well writ­ten and it could strike a chord with some­one who reads it. It did for me. Whether I was the per­son assum­ing some­thing about some­one or I was the sub­ject of someone’s assump­tion. Come on, we’ve all been guilty at some point or another of mak­ing an assump­tion about some­thing or some­one that turned out to be com­pletely false. Any­one who say’s they’ve never assumed any­thing about some­one else is either kid­ding around or sim­ply lying. Either to you or to them­selves because we’re sim­ply all just human beings. Please enjoy the poem below and choose to make it a great day!

I laugh, they assume I never cry.

I am mostly ‘seen’ happy; they assume I am never sad.

I am calm; they assume I am cold.

There are a very few things that anger me, they assume noth­ing makes me angry.

Just because I am cheer­ful, I am not allowed to feel low.

Just because I am less often seen in a bad mood; they assume noth­ing can spoil it.

I don’t react to every­thing that hap­pens around me; they assume I have no opin­ions whatsoever.

I can­not elicit every­thing I feel; they assume I lack clar­ity of thought.

I am not an ego­ist; they assume I don’t need to be respected.

I don’t talk about the things I do; they assume I have done noth­ing great.

Just because I work, they assume I am never tired of it.

In things I can do by myself, I don’t ask for help; they assume I never need any.

When I don’t say, “I can” and rather say, “I will”; they assume I am being overconfident.

When I say, “I can’t”, they ask, “why”, and assume I am shirk­ing my responsibilities.

I am not harsh on any­one; they assume I am meek.

I don’t pun­ish; they assume I can’t.

I for­give; they assume I forget.

I don’t brood over the past; they assume I am ‘blessed’ with mem­ory loss.

I seem to take impul­sive deci­sions, but my deci­sions are well thought; they assume I am too imma­ture to ‘think’ and decide.

I am impromptu simple smile You Know What They Say About ...Assuming They assume I am prompted.

I dream dur­ing the day; they assume I am day dreaming.

When I am lost in my own world, they assume I have lost it!

I don’t like to give excuses for my fail­ures; they assume I can’t ‘explain’.

I don’t like to explain my mis­takes; they assume I have no regrets about things I should be sorry for.

When I say I am inex­pe­ri­enced; they assume I know nothing.

I don’t read peo­ple the way they do; they assume I am illiterate.

I look at all sides of the coin; they assume there are only two and con­ve­niently for­get the edges.

I like being given the space I need; they give it, then invade it; assum­ing they have a right to.

I like being the way I am; they assume I can’t be like them although I want to.

When I stand out in the crowd, they assume I am stand­ing out of it.

When I come across peo­ple assum­ing things about me, I try not to lose heart and tell myself, they are doing the eas­i­est thing they can do, which is ‘assum­ing’. Assum­ing is equiv­a­lent to not under­stand­ing. Those who fail to under­stand; either because they are unable to or because they don’t want to, are the ones who ‘assume’.

Tell me, as you were read­ing the above, did any­thing or any­one come to mind? Have you ever been the sub­ject of either a neg­a­tive or pos­i­tive assumption?


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  1. Alka Abrol on Fri, 26th Aug 2011 2:44 pm
  2. I can so iden­tify with that one .…

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  3. Gil Pizano on Sat, 27th Aug 2011 11:36 pm
  4. Thanks for the com­ment Alka!…Cheers!!

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