A Solemn Remembrance…

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This morning I woke up as I do most days. While still in bed, I took a deep breath of fresh air while stretching a little bit. I then got out of bed and went down stairs to get ready for the day. As I was getting a drink of water I remembered what day it was. It was 10 years after the day that changed the world of my generation and the generation after me forever. 10 years ago today I was a few months into a new job at a large southern Connecticut insurance firm. Finishing my cup of coffee while at my computer terminal, I remember I started to get up to walk towards one of the break rooms where the department kept one of their coffee makers. In that same room there was also a cable television set that was usually set to one of the local news channels. As I rounded the corner of the row my desk was in, I noticed a large number of people congregating just outside Read more

The Anti-Networking Process of the Five B’s

Networking or Anti-Networking, which one should you do? It all depends upon the results you want.  Burning Bridges Before Being Built is also known as the “Anti-networking process of the 5B’s”and it seems to be affecting more and more people today than ever before.  Ok, I don’t have any scientific study that would substantiate my last statement, but it seems like that recently with some individuals. 

Anti-networking is exactly as it sounds. It’s what people do whenever they want to breakdown or destroy their network. The biggest irony is that most, if not all, people who do anti-networking are not aware that they are doing it. Sometimes they believe they are actually networking rather than anti-networking. Go Read more

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