Thinking About the Customer Experience

December 1, 2013 by · 9 Comments
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YoureHappyImHappy“Think about the customer experience.” This is what one of my supervisor’s years back use to tell his team all the time. It has stuck with me since that time because it is such a simple yet powerful statement. Whether we work for ourselves in an entrepreneurship or work for someone else within a company, understanding the experience of our customer is key to being successful at what we do. Read more

Once More…You Know What They Say About ASSUMING!


Over the last four weeks I’ve needed to travel to Orlando, Florida and then to New York City, New York. Whenever I have the opportunity to travel to such places I love taking the opportunity to have lunch or coffee at “watering holes” that the locals like to frequent. It really gives a person a good perspective on the community. In addition, if you enjoy meeting people and having thought provoking conversations, this can be a very good exercise to go through. However, it appears that one always has to be on guard against those individuals who come up to you and begin to speak with you about something or another as if they know the world more about the subject than you do. Even though they just met you! Ever meet anyone like that? Read more

Let’s Listen Up.

Listening to the other person may be hard to do if you don’t care to listen. That sounds like a pretty straight forward of statement doesn’t it? But what if you really intend to listen to the other person? Do you know if you’re a good listener?

See if you’re guilty of any, if not all, of these:

Read more

51 Amazing Articles on Leadership and Success in Life

February 6, 2012 by · 25 Comments
Filed under: Leadership, Mentoring, Social Awareness 

With  hundreds of thousands of different articles out on the world wide web, it can be extremely difficult to know which one to read. Being a lifelong student of leadership, I attempt to read as many articles on the subject as possible. Understanding that there are so many good articles out there on it, I wanted to share some of my recent favorites.  Many of these are quick reads and have powerful nuggets of wisdom for any leader to digest. These are not the only good articles out there on leadership and success in life of course, but they are worth reading and I believe will help anyone who wishes to improve themselves, their business and the quality of life for them as well as those they share time with. Read more

Giving Thanks…Always

Today is Thanksgiving and many people around the world celebrate it. I originally thought it was only an American holiday being that my recollection recalls learning about how the pilgrims in New England, USA, celebrated the first one in order to give thanks for the bountiful harvest they had that year. It eventually became a holiday tradition that started to include not only the bountiful harvest but all areas that a person or community could be thankful for. Family, friends, health, a home, you name it. Having something in one’s life where not having it would make life less enjoyable is always something to be thankful for. Read more

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