How Does Your Company or Organization View Diversity?

September 5, 2009 by · 5 Comments
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diversityABCIt’s funny but unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, it seems as though the words diversity and diversity awareness have been thrown around a lot by organizations. Many of them, both for profit and non-profit, have focused their attention on diversity and have made a strong argument as to the importance of having a diverse workforce who understands diversity and has a minimal level of diversity awareness.

What I find interesting is that many, in an attempt to ensure that their organization embraces diversity, go the route of having their personnel take diversity courses covering the different types of people that exist in the world. Many of these same courses spend much of their time going over the aspects of either the different cultures or the different lifestyles that customers or fellow workers may have. They have a tendency of simply focusing on tolerance or “leaving your biases at the door” when coming into work. Treating everyone as equals is important, but there is a more important aspect to diversity that many organizations are completely missing the boat on!  Read more

You Can Discover Culture on Social Media and Social Networking Sites These Days!

July 18, 2009 by · 4 Comments
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With the big buzz in the recent years about social media and social networking, it’s kind of hard to avoid the terms, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the like. It seems when you turn on the news in the morning or listen to the radio on the way to and from work, you’ll always here someone use the phrase, “and the big thing on Twitter this morning seems to be…” or something similar to that. (You can almost insert many other social media and social networking sites in place on Twitter.) What’s the difference between Social Media and Social Networking? Check out Read more

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