That New Year’s Resolution

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NewYear1 That New Year’s ResolutionA new year has begun and a count­less list of New Year’s res­o­lu­tions have been made by many. A large num­ber of those res­o­lu­tions won’t last the month! OK, I admit I tend to be opti­mistic about peo­ple (because many will tell me that most New Year’s res­o­lu­tions don’t last the first week).  Res­o­lu­tions are great deci­sions that peo­ple usu­ally com­mit to in order to change their life or the life of some­one else for the bet­ter. So why do so many “for­get” or “lose track of” what­ever it is they said they were going to do? I’m sure you’ve never been one of those peo­ple. 😉 Admit it. We’re all guilty of not com­mit­ting to the res­o­lu­tions we’ve sup­pos­edly com­mit­ted to. But why is that? It’s simple…a sin­cere pas­sion for it is miss­ing. It’s so much eas­ier to com­mit to a change that can help you fol­low your passion…whatever that pas­sion may be. Read more

Giving Thanks…Always

Today is Thanks­giv­ing and many peo­ple around the world cel­e­brate it. I orig­i­nally thought it was only an Amer­i­can hol­i­day being that my rec­ol­lec­tion recalls learn­ing about how the pil­grims in New Eng­land, USA, cel­e­brated the first one in order to give thanks for the boun­ti­ful har­vest they had that year. It even­tu­ally became a hol­i­day tra­di­tion that started to include not only the boun­ti­ful har­vest but all areas that a per­son or com­mu­nity could be thank­ful for. Fam­ily, friends, health, a home, you name it. Hav­ing some­thing in one’s life where not hav­ing it would make life less enjoy­able is always some­thing to be thank­ful for. Read more

You Can Tell a lot from a Person’s Handshake

September 20, 2011 by · 17 Comments
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Handshake B You Can Tell a lot from a Person’s HandshakeThis is prob­a­bly a topic that has been beaten down so much that I’m almost embar­rassed to write about it. But I can’t help it. You can tell a lot about a per­son from the way they shake hands with you. Whether they intend to let you know or not.  How can that be? How do you know if the per­son doesn’t have a weak hand or some other med­ical con­di­tion pre­vent­ing them from doing any other type of hand­shake other than as though you are shak­ing hands with a piece of tis­sue paper? Or maybe the per­son does not know their own strength (which is why I can’t feel my hand for a few min­utes after I shake it with him)? How can you really tell a lot about a per­son by the way they shake hands with you? Read on and I’ll share some thoughts on that very topic… Read more

52 Powerful Quotes on Leadership, Action and Motivation

LeadershipMotivation 213x300 52 Powerful Quotes on Leadership, Action and MotivationWhy do we like quotes so much? A good rea­son for many of us is that you don’t have to read a book to get to the point. Quotes can be very short, straight to the point and thought pro­vok­ing. Some­times, there’s just so much wis­dom and life expe­ri­ences in one short sen­tence that you can almost sense and under­stand what the author has gone through to reach the point they are attempt­ing to make! Here are some quotes that have thought pro­vok­ing to me in my own lead­er­ship jour­ney. Do you rec­og­nize any of these?

  Read more

A Solemn Remembrance…

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This morn­ing I woke up as I do most days. While still in bed, I took a deep breath of fresh air while stretch­ing a lit­tle bit. I then got out of bed and went down stairs to get ready for the day. As I was get­ting a drink of water I remem­bered what day it was. It was 10 years after the day that changed the world of my gen­er­a­tion and the gen­er­a­tion after me for­ever. 10 years ago today I was a few months into a new job at a large south­ern Con­necti­cut insur­ance firm. Fin­ish­ing my cup of cof­fee while at my com­puter ter­mi­nal, I remem­ber I started to get up to walk towards one of the break rooms where the depart­ment kept one of their cof­fee mak­ers. In that same room there was also a cable tele­vi­sion set that was usu­ally set to one of the local news chan­nels. As I rounded the cor­ner of the row my desk was in, I noticed a large num­ber of peo­ple con­gre­gat­ing just out­side Read more

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